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About Me

For those interested heres a little information about me…

My career to date

I got interested in the web early.  I built one of my first websites 1995, for my Uncle’s invention, fanwing - and incredible new aeronautical innovation based on putting rotors on wings (sorry - the fan aspect hasn’t been implemented yet and rotorwing was taken :). If you’re interested in that type of things take a look.

Not to long after that I created what I would consider my first “real” website, ESLEmployment.com, based on my knowledge of job application systems from my work in the field.  I was also doing a large amount of recruiting at the time and was interested in driving as much traffic as possible to my openings - the options were few and far between back then…to get myself started I used one of the first ‘forum’ softwares out there, dcforum which is now gone but it was part of a great set of tools run by DC scripts, who unfortunately have also moved on…  I was also interested in the simple classified model being used by craigslist and others, and the success of the website Dave’s ESL Café, which was one of the earliest websites online, and also based on a simple structure.  ESLEmployment.com also a way to develop my interest in niche jobs and building communities around job seekers, one of the founding premises for the Get It job sites.

What was I up to before Get It?

My career before founding Get It started at a small IT company by the name of EDS (you may have heard of them :). After spending a few great years there I moved on to Outtask.com, one of the true pioneers in the SaaS industry. I was fortunate enough to work with a truly great entrepreneur and visionary and close friend - Tom Depasquale. Tom later helped me with the start-up and of Get It, and is now on our advisory board Get it. At Outtask.com I was focused primarily on HR and Applicant Tracking tools. Outtask had purchased OpenHire and after a few years sold OpenHire to Silkroad Technology where I worked with an excellent group of people including Flip Filipowski, another great tech visionary.

I set up Get It and I have been it’s CEO since 2006, when we merged some of the ideas behind ESLemployment.com into our launch of our existing network of several hundred job sites (getphotographyjobs.com, getmarinebiologyjobs.com, getphlebotomyjobs.com to name a few…). I frequently blog at JacobPeeblesJobs.com about jobs and our job sites, since this is my main area of expertise in the classified and local search spaces. I also blog at Get It’s corporate site, GetIt.me, about our network in general, classifieds, and local search.

To your success,

Jacob Peebles

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P.S. If you’re looking for the more famous, and far more rad Jake Peebles from the BMX world you’ll find him ripping up twitter here.

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